Home Renovations and Restorations 

Building new homes is big business. As a result, builders often focus on building houses and see renovation work as a sideline to their business. S.C Harris builders are passionate about specialising in home renovation and are a different breed to new home builders, we are equipped with specialist knowledge, expertise and skills.


A lot of our clients have asked about the difference between "Renovation Building" and  "New Home Building"? The biggest thing with a new home is that it’s a blank canvas so you are starting from scratch. With a renovation, there’s often a demolition aspect and you’re working with something that’s already there, within existing floor, ceiling and roof heights.


S.C. Harris builders specialise in renovations throughout the Canterbury region. It is one of our areas of expertise. There is harmony involved in making new meet old; there’s a real skill to it. Materials can change, and building methods that were used in the existing structure are often outdated. Electrical and plumbing services can place hurdles in front of you as well.


Once everything is up to current requirements, combining new and old styles of a building can create a special and exciting look and feel that you don't get with new builds. 

Character Home renovated at 65 Birdwood Avenue, Beckenham/Cashmere Christchurch


As renovation specialists, we are different because we understand earlier construction methods, working with houses aged from five years old to 100 years old.


There’s no set model for dealing with these sorts of building techniques; it is a level of knowledge and experience that is the key to dealing with each client’s needs successfully. For example, when you take wall and floor linings off, unexpected problems can arise. But with experience, these can be dealt with quickly and effectively and minimise costs for clients.


Home Renovation and restoration Services we provide:


  • Extensions, alterations

  • Custom built garages to match pre-existing homes 

  • Full Villa and Bungalow renovations, restorations

  • Replacement of damaged weatherboard/cladding

  • Replacement of timber shingles

  • Timber door/window replacement or alterations

  • Made to match interior trim, panelling architrave or skirting

  • Replacement and re-sanding of timber flooring

  • Retrofit double glazing

  • Insulation of walls, ceiling and floor

  • Relining plastering of interior walls and ceiling